Brandon McNulty’s Blog – What’s to come

Oh no, not another blog! We don’t need anymore of those. Stop, Brandon–just stop. Go do some actual, y’know, fiction writing. Work on that horror novel you’ve been slaving away at. Or roll out a new short story. Or even a screenplay. Anything but a blog.

Whoa now.

Like or not, I’m doing blog posts. But rather than offering recycled writing advice (“Make sure to breathe LIFE into your characters”) or cheesy emotional support (“Every story has an audience, you just need to find yours”), I’ll hammer out practical, no-nonsense posts that will actually help you improve as a writer. Since my time is valuable and so is yours, I’ll hit topics that are worth writing AND worth reading. And better yet, I’ll keep these posts short.

Here are example topics for the near future:

– Three-Act Structure, and why so many writing books/teachers/etc. fail to teach it properly

– Theme, and how to unite story ingredients into something with meaning and circularity

– The Novel writing process, and why both Plotting (AKA Outlining) and Pantsing (AKA the Stephen King method) suck on their own but work well together.

– Taos Toolbox Workshop Review

– Calliope Workshop Review

Comment below if there’s anything else you’d like to hear about. Help me make this blog better than the other 389,249,221 writer-blogs overflowing across the Internet.

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