My Pitch Wars Mentor Can Be Yours–RIGHT NOW!

I’ve already raved about Nastasha Raulerson’s editorial wizardry in a blog post before, but it wasn’t until recently that she went official as a freelance editor. Now any writer can experience all the fun and agony that comes with a Raulerson Edit!

Her critiques/ass-kickings cover just about everything: Query, Synopsis, Pitch, First Page, First Chapter, even the entire mess that is your novel. Her prices are totally reasonable, not to mention cheaper than what I paid at a Writer’s Digest conference last year (which included a $170 entry fee just to get in the door… yeeesh).

Having worked with her for two months during Pitch Wars, I can’t recommend her enough. She’s sharp with content as well as sentence-level fixes, and she has a knack for calling out your bad writing habits. I’ll probably never use a colon ever again because of her, and it’s all for the better. So think of that as a bonus–she’ll make you and your book better.


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